1.5/2 HOURS
No creativity is needed; it's all done for you :).
This workshop is designed for a more social event, with participants enjoying socialising, eating and drinking while creating a pair of high-quality earrings or a pendant for a necklace.  You will be shown basic metal texturing techniques and how to assemble the pieces.  All participants will leave with either a pair of metal earrings or a pendant made entirely by them.
All participants will choose four pieces of metal to texturise and file to complete their pair of earrings or a pendant.
                                                          1. Precut - Copper, brass and aluminium sheet metal. Four pieces per participant. *
                                                          2. A pair of premade sterling silver ear wire OR silver wire for the pendant.
                                                          3. Sterling silver findings.
                                                          4. Gift bag to take home your unique piece of jewellery or art.
*Additional metal and silver findings can be purchased to make more pieces if needed.
                         Step 1: Participants arrive and can look at inspirational images and decide which metal and earring findings they will use. 
                         Step 2: Participants will be shown different texturing techniques using hammers and how to finish the edges of the metal.
                         Step 3: As you progress through your piece, group instructions will be given at each stage and individual help along the way.
                         Step 4: Participants will be shown how to assemble their jewellery.
                         Step 5: Photos of your own unique piece of jewellery and art.
As you learn how to make metal jewellery, enjoy socialising with your fellow students. This silversmithing workshop is great for larger groups who want to do a fun activity while socialising.  It is designed for people who haven't any experience and/or have a low interest in learning extensive techniques in silversmithing but looking for something fun and unique.
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