Introduction to Silversmithing Workshop
Metal Jewellery Making
Learn basic silversmithing techniques at this mindful, slow-making metal texturing workshop in West End and return home with something beautiful, made entirely by you!
This workshop will provide everything needed to make a piece of metal jewellery to take home on the night. You can choose between earrings, a pendant or a keyring. You'll be shown step-by-step the process of creating a completed pair of earrings. The same process can be adapted to make a pendant or keychain.

Precut - Copper, brass and aluminium sheet metal. Six pieces per participant. *
Ethically sourced Sterling Silver to make your piece.
A small selection of up-cycled beads will be provided to enhance your metal jewellery; feel free to bring along any special beads that you might want to incorporate into your handmade metal piece.
Tea and Coffee
Gift bag to take home your unique piece of jewellery or art.

*Additional metal and silver can be purchased to make more pieces.

We start the workshop we are soft grounding session, relaxing our bodies and mind to be present in the workshop.
You will be shown a brief description of the metals and what tools are available for different techniques.
Inspirational photos are provided with metal and findings to select from and decide what you will make.
As you progress through your piece, group instructions will be given at each stage and individual help along the way.
As you learn how to make jewellery, enjoy tea, coffee, snacks, and conversation with your fellow students.

This silversmithing workshop is excellent for romantic date ideas or small and intimate get-togethers with friends. Everyone will be amazed at what they can create in just a few hours! We keep our workshop numbers small to ensure one on one assistance and to maintain a relaxed vibe with the intention of a mindful workshop.​​​​​​​
Level Two Workshop - Pierce Sawing
Once again, join us for a relaxing and mindful activity while learning the technique of saw piercing to create your own piece of jewellery.  With step-by-step instructions and individual guidance along the way.
This workshop will teach you all the steps to design and saw pierce your own creation.  You can choose between earrings, a pendant, wall hanging, or a keyring.  Everything is provided at this workshop for you to take your piece home on the day.
Ideally you would have completed the Introduction to Silversmithing, as the techniques learnt at that workshop will again be used at this workshop.
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